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Once my clients have had time to absorb everything, I ask them to share any advice they might have with those anticipating their first birth. Please read their thoughts below.

"Bring pillows from home... " - Ashley
"Study, study, study... " - Scott
"One six-hour childbirth course... " - Laura C.
"Discuss the 'what ifs'..." - Elena D.
"The more you can relax... " - Michol
"My advice is to really remain... " - Natasha K.
"Get as much information... " - Robin
"Watch videos " - Narayan
"Definitely have a doula. " - Tom
"Ladies - do pilates and yoga... " - Molly
"Hire a doula! Relax..." - Tricia
"I would recommend reading... " - Julia
"All of the labor classes/books " - Sarah

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different types of books, such as traditional hospital-type books as well as books like "Birthing From Within" (which I like a lot.) I find both types very narrow-minded in their own way, so I think reading both helps you understand that there is not one single right type of birth and that if it doesn't happen exactly the way you imagined it, it is fine. When you hold your baby in your arms, you definitely don't care about it.

I would also recommend women take yoga classes. It was so helpful to me. It helped me during pregnancy to deal with back pain and during labor to find good positions, breathe, and stay as calm as possible.

Finally, I would recommend hiring a doula. I could not imagine my baby's birth without Leigh on our side!

- Julia, Pacific Beach


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