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Once my clients have had time to absorb everything, I ask them to share any advice they might have with those anticipating their first birth. Please read their thoughts below.

"Bring pillows from home... " - Ashley
"Study, study, study... " - Scott
"One six-hour childbirth course... " - Laura C.
"Discuss the 'what ifs'..." - Elena D.
"The more you can relax... " - Michol
"My advice is to really remain... " - Natasha K.
"Get as much information... " - Robin
"Watch videos " - Narayan
"Definitely have a doula. " - Tom
"Ladies - do pilates and yoga... " - Molly
"Hire a doula! Relax..." - Tricia
"I would recommend reading... " - Julia
"All of the labor classes/books " - Sarah

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That's not the most important one, but somehow it's the first thing I thought of. If you're having a hospital birth, I think the most important thing is to constantly advocate for yourself. If I hadn't asked a question about going home when they first tried to induce me, then I suspect my delivery would have gone much differently with an on-call doctor I didn't trust, when my body just wasn't ready for it. Because I advocated for my own wishes, my doctor allowed me to have a few more days, which, I think, very likely made the difference between me having a healthy vaginal birth vs. having a much more prolonged and difficult labor possibly followed by a C-section.
Also, make sure you meet with the hospital's lactation specialist as early as possible. A lot of our nurses gave bad advice, which is especially unwelcome at midnight when you're dealing with a crying newborn. It wasn't until the day after our birth that we were able to meet with the specialist and our baby really latched on for a full feeding.

- Ashley, Ocean Beach.


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