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"Be ready, i.e., bags packed..." - Mike M.
"You can't really plan everything..." - Dana
"I wish my husband and I..." - Judy
"Be flexible. It is important..." - Tim
"Be prepared in understanding..." - Dustin
"No matter how you prepare..." - Kate
"Definitely hire a doula,..." - Bonnie
"Be prepared for the unexpected..." - Drew
"Don't listen to the people who..." - Elizabeth
"I advise fathers..." - Al
"Know..." - Kelly
"If it's your first,..." - Blayne
"Relax..." - Jill
"Work closely with a doula..." - Paul
"Labor is the most important..." - Ella
"Focus..." - Jenny

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and your body. Work with your body. Husbands – trust in your wife and her body.

- Rachel


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